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Going beyond Cluj

Emoke Laszlo

February 17, 2022

Last year we made the decision to expand the COERA team, by establishing a new hub in Brasov. Since we announced our move, we received questions about the why and how’s, so we decided to ask Anca, our General Manager to answer some of the more frequent questions.

Without further ado, let’s get into the interview.

Why did you choose to open a second Software Engineering hub at the end of 2021?

Anca Borodi: Indeed, last year we decided to open a new engineering hub, while quite some companies closed offices and there’s a tendency to promote a full-remote work-style. I can imagine COERA opening a new office may sound at least… surprising! However, we believe that the only way we can create a strong company is by encouraging and facilitating by all means a genuine collaboration, direct communication and a community mindset – all things COERA stands for. Great products and ideas are born when people meet-up and work-together, sketching solutions in front of a whiteboard, debating on options and choices, and helping each other to overcome obstacles when things get tough. For sure there are times when it’s necessary or very convenient to work from home, focusing on own tasks and getting them done – of course we do that a lot as well! Still, the office is our hub, where people can spend quality time together, share and learn from each-other, enjoy a good cup of coffee and … why not, have a bit of fun as well!

Why Brasov?

Anca: Brasov is a beautiful, vibrant city, with high growth potential. A bit further away from Cluj, it is attracting bright young people from the surrounding counties, and it has already a large IT community. We see equally big players from the industry as well as smaller companies. Surely, the Transilvania University plays an important role in growing this community.

At the same time – maybe coincidently- while exploring the potential of this region, we have had the chance to meet very nice people here in Brasov. Such contacts and a very positive collaboration experience had a decisive impact on our choice.

Again, genuine relations, quality professionals and a great match in values and mindset!

So, what’s the new office like? Can you give us some details?

Anca: Our hub has an amazing location, in the center of Brasov, with a beautiful view over the parc … elegant, luminous, spacious, and still cozy: it already feels like a second home.

What are your plans for the forthcoming years?

Anca: We want to gradually grow our Engineering center, bringing in interesting new projects, as well as great new colleagues. We want to be part of the local professional community, invest in growing young talented people and closely collaborate with the University Transilvania. We plan to organize summer internships for students and graduates and promote our brand and values.

Do you have any open positions?

Anca : Oh, Yes! We do have quite a few opportunities and we will start promoting them more and more in the coming weeks!

Together with one of our main partners, TreasurUp – a scale-up FinTech, active in the banking industry – we are working towards extending our agile teams, as well as building-up the support & operations team. This is a very exciting project, with great learning opportunities and innovation potential. In this respect, we are looking for Full-stack Developers, DevOps Engineers, Support Engineers, Test-Automation Engineers.

We are building further on our IAM (Identity and Access Management) and Cloud Integration Practices, and we have open positions for IAM solution engineers and technical consultants.

Apart from skills and knowledge, which we can always teach and guide, we are looking for colleagues with authentic characters and a “Go-beyond” mentality!

That’s all for now, join us in our adventures, where COERA is going beyond Cluj!