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Success stories: Diana

Emoke Laszlo

May 26, 2023

Remember your first job? How eager you were to conquer the world and follow your passion?  

That’s exactly what Diana is doing! Our talented colleague proved herself as a mobile developer, and now explored a Product Owner position and is more motivated than ever.

It’s time to hear her journey from an intern to becoming a PO!

Tell us about the beginning of your career. How did you start, what were your goals?

Diana: I started my career as an intern, while still a student. After six weeks of internship, I joined the mobile team of a Fintech project, and gained valuable experience in a rapidly growing field. My goals have been to learn as much as possible and gain hands-on experience in software development, while meaningfully contributing to the project as well.

And what about your journey from intern to developer and PO.
What did you do, what were you working on and what have you learned?

Diana: At the beginning, I worked as a part-time software developer since I was in my last year of university. That period prepared me for this combined role that I am having now, because I learned how to balance multiple responsibilities while delivering high quality work for both the project and the university. It was a valuable year from a professional point of view, because I had the chance to learn a lot about mobile development, release procedures, Agile methodologies and overall, about the industry. All this knowledge, but also the effort I put in, paid off at the beginning of this year when I also embraced the role of a PO.

I can tell you that working on a Fintech project can be intriguing and challenging at the same time. The banking industry is rapidly evolving, and it's an exciting time to be involved in developing new products and services. This can also present unique challenges, as it requires balancing the need for strong security measures with the desire to provide a smooth and enjoyable user experience. Additionally, it involves working with financial data, which requires a high degree of accuracy and attention to details.

Overall, working in this fast-paced industry offered me a lot of space to grow and acquire new knowledge of the latest technologies, regulations, and business trends.

You have now a double role: a dev with PO responsibilities.
What are the best parts of this combined role?

Diana: Combining the role of a developer with that of a PO can have several advantages. For example, having a deep understanding of the product and its goals helps me make more informed development decisions, leading to higher-quality software that better meets the needs of the business and the customers.

Being a PO helped me improve my communication and collaboration skills, which are essential for effective software development. As a PO, I need to work closely with stakeholders, including other developers, designers, and project managers, ensuring everyone is working towards the same goals.

On the other hand, being a developer helps me understand the technical aspects of the product and the development process. This knowledge can be invaluable when making decisions as a PO, as I have a better understanding of what's technically feasible and what will require more time and resources.