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Fully committed to results, continuously focusing on customer needs and offering end to end services to deliver!


Application Development
As core technologies we use Java and .NET with supporting (web) application frameworks like Spring, Angular, React and libraries like RxJS and Material. We develop both native platform mobile applications and cross platforms using Angular and Ionic.
Cloud Native
We grew up with cloud from the start, building applications on Azure, AWS and Google cloud offerings. We are highly experienced in virtualization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes for high availability and scalability requirements using languages like Ansible for deployment automation.
Solution implementation
As professional engineers we invest in experimenting and qualifying existing solutions. Focusing on cloud architectures we’re specialized in (C)IAM and API integration platforms like SAP Gigya, OneWelcome, RSA, Forgerock, Azure AD, SAP SAM/CPI, Mulesoft and Google Apigee.


Architect & Design
The importance of architecture and design as the fundament for a dynamic IT landscape is unquestionable. Our Solution Architects are guiding the projects from designing application blueprints, legacy migration tactics to infrastructural integration with a keen eye on security aspects and continuous delivery practices.
Develop & Implement
Proficient in working with both open source and Microsoft languages, as well as in all major cloud platforms, we are specialized in application development and integration. We prefer agile methodologies supported by online collaboration tools like Jira.
Operate & Optimize
Today’s agility demands a tight integration between application development and operations. Our Operation Service teams are experts in working in CI/CD environments and monitoring solutions like Kubernetes and Zabbix, while balancing between the dynamics of development and the stability of operations.