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Embark on a career
transformation journey.

Let’s face it, the days when one started and retired the same job are long gone. The current trends show an increased desire to experience multiple changes - not only changes in terms of what they do, but real career changes.

Professionals now, expect that at some point they’ll take a break from their chosen majors either to pursue interests or to raise a family.

The concepts of “career” and “career transitions” have changed, they are more fluid with less defined boundaries. The world, as we experience it today, can change in a blink and so can we. That’s why we feel the need to “reshuffle” our careers from time to time.

If you choose to follow your passion or are ready for a career transformation,
embark on one of our dedicated programs:

Relaunch your Career after a break


If you are ready to start your journey back into the workforce and to improve your work/life flow, this unique program will give you the tools and confidence you need.

Program description

“Relaunch your Career” is an intensive career transitioning program designed for people who are looking to re-join the workforce after a career break.

At COERA we understand that restarting a career can be stressful, especially in these unprecedented times when technology is rapidly evolving, and the way of working is constantly changing. That’s why we offer a 6-weeks long flexible on-boarding program.

During the program you’ll have the support and guidance of our experts every step of the way. We will provide skill refreshers, mentoring, coaching, networking and a personalized development plan. At the end of the program, you’ll feel more confident and prepared to engage with peers and clients in exacting projects.

Eligibility criteria

The “Relaunch your Career” program is suitable for professionals who have taken a career break of at least one year for reasons such as: raising a family, caring for a family member, entrepreneurial ventures, completing studies, managing health issues, sabbatical.

Currently we are welcoming applicants who:

  • Have at least 4 years of work experience prior to the career break
  • Worked in Software Development with languages like: Java, .NET, JavaScript
  • Are interested and available to take a full-time/part-time position @COERA
  • Meet the criteria for roles of interest

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Skill, Reskill and Upskill for career shifts


Building a career isn’t a one-day trip, it’s a journey to self-discovery. This program is designed to help you find more meaningful and impactful career pathways.

Program description

The “Skill, Reskill & Upskill” program is an accelerated learning program for individuals who choose to make a career move to align with their values. During the 6-weeks online learning program we will support your endeavors gaining specific skills and knowledge in the areas of software programming.

It doesn’t matter what triggered your need to change (a personal crisis, life changes, becoming plateaued, or organizational change) we understand that you’re in the period of career renewal.

During this journey you will have access to unparalleled training materials, you’ll be constantly guided and coached by a lead engineer from COERA, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet top professionals from the area of project management and career development willing to help you shape your new professional identity. The participation in such a program may lead to a job offer suiting your aspirations.

Eligibility criteria

If you need to master new competencies as you are transitioning into your new professional role, this program is for you!

Currently we are welcoming applicants who:

  • (preferably) have educational and/or work background in a technical field
  • Already started their learning journey with Front-End development (React, Angular) or Software Testing by following learning tracks and starting personal or voluntary projects
  • Are interested and available to take a position within COERA after the course

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Internship & Traineeship to start your career


It is an exciting time to enter the job market! Our internship programs bridge the participant’s course of study to their career objectives.

Program description

The school-to-work transition occurs as students or recent graduates are preparing to leave behind a period of self-examination and education and entering a period of employment and finding a niche.

Each year @COERA we are welcoming talented students and help them increase their professional skills and develop their personal qualities at the beginning of their careers. The 6-8 week paid internship programs are designed to provide students with an understanding of what it’s like to work in a software company. Interns do work that has an impact – diving into products, programs, and services that touch our internal or external clients.

As an aspiring IT professional, your ability to secure an exciting job often depends on your experience and skills. The COERA internship programs can give you that vital hands-on experience, enabling you to learn valuable skills that will make your resume stand out. At the end of the program interns may be provided with a proposal of joining the company.

Eligibility criteria

Suitable for students with at least 2 years of relevant university study in a related field, such as Information Technology, Computer Sciences, Engineering.

Internship & Traineeship openings: