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Reconnecting the future

Emoke Laszlo

July 01, 2020

Reconnecting seems to be a good word to start with.

During the last few months, we got a glimpse of a full-virtual era of collaboration. Many businesses were impacted by the Corona-pandemic and had to adapt to a new way of working apart together. With new environmental factors, competition, and growing security demands we have to evolve faster than ever before.

We live in the era of virtual work, where many businesses have clients from different countries, so working with clients digitally, was something that we knew how to do, but were we prepared to have our employees working remotely?

We, humans, feel the need to connect with each other, and now we, as businesses, must reconnect, not just with our clients, but with our employees as well.

Our motto states “Go beyond!”, which means, going beyond our actual assignments. We like to widen our perspective and, as engineers, love to come up with solutions to challenges we, as a company, face.

Working with distributed teams is one thing, working with distributed team members is something different. Right now, it is even more important to keep everybody connected and our data secure. With this in mind, we would like to offer some of our solutions that can help managing employees and protecting information.

 1. Matrix, our HR information system for small-, and mid-sized organizations, digitalizing the HR processes. Our tool simplifies administrative procedures, strengthens communication, and gives employees easy access to self-service features.

  Key features:

  • paperless records
  • flawless time management
  • painless policy attunement
  • effortless HR reports

 2. Business-to-Employee (B2E) IAM for safe digital work environments. Our solution connects your employees to the cloud ecosystem with instantly available services, so you can focus on your business activities.

  Key features:

  • user registration
  • activation and de-activation
  • password reset
  • two-factor authentication
  • delegated user management.

In the next month, we would like to present our Matrix product in more details and see if it can be any of use for you. Stay tuned!