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LooseByte partnership

Emoke Laszlo

November 16, 2020

Today we are announcing our partnership with LooseByte!

Who is LooseByte?

In a continuously changing cyber security landscape, LooseByte is a trusted partner for companies looking to manage the security of their critical data. The team of security experts with more than 14 years of experience in cybersecurity is ready to help organizations uncover security threats and reduce the risk of cyber-attacks.

Specialized in performing security assessments, penetration testing and application secure code reviews, the LooseByte testing approach is based on the hacker’s mindset and technical know-how of understanding new and advanced technologies.

What value is our partnership bringing?

The partnership brings multiple benefits, first of all by having LooseByte periodically assess our software, we are more confident that our software is defensive enough for being hosted on public cloud environments and resilient to known OWASP vulnerabilities and common attacks.

Secondly, by combining our strengths we can now also offer specialized IAM security assessments. After all, Identity and Access Management is an important cornerstone for enterprise security and data protection. In COERA’s IAM security assessment we analyze the IAM architecture, verify secure coding practices and validate potential vulnerabilities of implemented IAM features.

“As a company specialized in cloud-based IT solutions, security has become an intrinsic part of our services. Combining our strengths in a partnership with LooseByte is therefore a very important value add for our customers”, says László Miklósik, Software Architect & IAM Consultant @ COERA