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Emoke Laszlo

March 24, 2021

This one is for those, who are planning to work in the IT field but aren’t sure what the next step should be. This guide will show you 4 simple steps you can take to start your software developer career.

As a student you might feel lost in the jungle of opportunities presented by companies at career fares. So, how do you choose what to do once you finish your studies?

No matter your specialization, this infographic can serve as your guide in choosing your future work path.

Let’s start!

How to build your career in Information Technology as a student?

Guided by passion

People say that the secret ingredient for succeeding is determination, but before you set your mind on a goal, make sure it’s something you are passionate about.
Ask yourself this: Which of the topics I worked on during my studies, made me really focus?
With this in mind, you can search for options and start thinking on career path.

Adapt to new technologies

University curricula are designed to teach you the fundaments of a profession, in IT this can be the basic languages like C++, Java or Python, together with the databases and the web pages & applications. These are basically tools in your toolbox.
But tools and a toolbox are not enough. If you want to stay on the top of the field, you have to master them and you need to stay up to date with technologies.

Find your mentors

Get inspired by experienced people around you, look for professional communities (they are everywhere) and seek advice when you need it. Better sooner than later.
Find someone to guide you, either a professor of yours or a mentor from an internship program.
Never be afraid to ask, this is how you learn.

Challenge yourself

The most awarding thing in your professional life is doing something you never thought you would be able to.
Set your mind free, explore exciting ideas and work on personal projects for fun. This is the easiest way to gain competencies.
Play around with the “What if… “and build applications that answer your question, abstract ideas can serve as ground for amazing work.

Bonus tip

Take all your university given tasks seriously, they are well-thought over and will contribute to your academic development.
And if you like the task, try to take it a step forward add new features or make it more accessible – do the extra step: innovate!

The important part is to think and experiment. Try to implement your ideas, be determined when you decide to work in the field.

So, don’t forget the four steps: find your passion, adapt to new technologies, find mentors that can guide you, and challenge yourself.

And remember, every software developer started by learning C++, Pascal or Java. You will get to the next level in no time.

What would you add to the list?