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Emoke Laszlo

October 09, 2020

Nearly a year ago we announced our partnership with QforIT, an initiative where we combined our expertise and experience in cloud integration and Identity and Access Management, targeted towards customers with SAP-centric IT landscapes.

Today, we can proudly share the news, that this partnership actually resulted in a joint venture called GLUE-ID, it all starts with an idea!

The company will be headed by seasoned industry professionals and can rely on the engineering hubs of the founding partners, QforIT and COERA, for in depth technical expertise on cloud platforms, cloud integration and Identity and Access Management.

As Kenny van Sleuwen, managing partner at GLUE-ID, says “Enterprise Integration Makes All the Difference! Gaining competitive advantage with a multi cloud strategy depends on how well you can integrate & innovate.”

“As COERA we love to explore and if the ‘bandwagon’ presents itself – we grasp the opportunity, and we are proud to be partners with QforIT in this promising initiative, called GLUE-ID”, says Mihai Rus, from COERA, who was involved in exploring this collaboration.