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Design Sprint notes

Emoke Laszlo

February 12, 2021

In our previous interview, we talked about the Design Sprint methodology and how it is helping us accelerate the process of the product development.

But what are you supposed to do during the sprint? In this article we covered each of the 5 days and added some bonus tips as well.

On the 1st day
you start with investigating a problem, defining it as clearly as possible, and based on that you set your goal and your action plan.
Tip of the day
Ask open questions to domain experts to explore the business opportunity in depth. Capturing the ideas with the “How might we (do this)?” questions, sets a proactive mindset amongst the participants and enhances a free idea-flow.
On the 2nd day
everybody sketches solution ideas starting from the enlightening demos.
Tip of the day
These demos are not just great sources of inspiration, but they help you see how everybody associates the problem or the opportunity area with their unique insights. So, make sure every team member prepares a sketch.
On the 3rd day
storyboards are created. Each storyboard represents a user journey and describes the actions required to achieve a goal.
Tip of the day
Draw the storyboards as comic stripes to also capture the actors and their thoughts and emotions while interacting with the product.
On the 4th day
you create the prototype, as realistically as possible, containing a proper set of user instructions (how will the user navigate and interact with the product).
Tip of the day
Pick the right tool to create the prototype. We are using Figma for the collaborative features and ease of use during demos. For standard application flows like login and user management use standard designs.
On the 5th day
you invite the customer to review your prototype. Take notes and implement any changes necessary to grant an amazing user experience.
Tip of the day
Don’t forget to ask the client whether they would buy the solution. If not, ask what would it take to say yes.