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COERA gives back to the community

Raisa Ripiceanu

December 23, 2019

At COERA we’re passionate about education and equally passionate using education to share with and contribute to surrounding community. For already 4 years we our proudly working together with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and Babes-Bolyai University in supporting students towards meaningful careers. We help them in assessing job opportunities, orienting on career options and most important discover how important real passion is. 

Looking back to 2019 “Give Back” projects, we have been involved from the start of the academic year in the Freshman Week - meet and greet the students stepping in their 1st study year (aka “ săptămâna bobocilor”). In November, Iulia Câmpean, our HR Manager, was invited by the Technical University to hold a speech during the Career Conference dedicated to career and educational counselors. Earlier in May, Iulia launched the Optimizing students’ LinkedIn profile project. It started from the idea that students either do not have updated profiles, or do not know how to efficiently use the platform. Iulia facilitated several workshops where students learned to create meaningful LinkedIn profiles. More importantly, they learnt how to build a personal brand and a professional network, which helps them develop their future careers.As one of the project’ s motto encourages, once you are found, you have to be reachable.

3-years ago COERA initiated a NGO, Association Coera Social and the most recent project we supported was Embrace the Gap.Re-launch your career. It’ s a career management program for people who took a long pause from their career due to for example maternity leave and by such addresses a huge need we noticed. “The transition means to restart your professional life after a long pause, which is not easy at all.We came with a structured program, formed by a series of meetings and workshop". The project contributes to stress reduction for parents, related to returning back to work, it helps developing self-trust and brings people back into a network of professionals.

The collaboration between the Academic sector and COERA greatly contributes to the success of these programs. Anca Borodi, Managing Director at COERA, explains the desire to collaborate and contribute: 

“We are grateful for the partnerships with the Universities and we support the integration process of student, year after year, through internships, workshops and career events.I see the new generations are very eager to learn and have a great need to work o meaningful, projects, where their contribution is visible and valued. However, they need support in the first years on how to become such a valuable professional. 

But I also think there is a minority group of more mature professionals who need, at some point, more encouragement and attention: I’m referring to young mothers that had a 1-2 years break in their careers.I can speak from my own experience that it is very difficult to re-arrange yourself, overcome the gap and find your place back at work, after such a pause. That’ s why I choose to be part of Embrace the gap project. Iulia and Andreea did a great job, thinking about the obstacles a person, especially a mother, encounters after maternity leave. Wanting to split yourself between a good professional in your company and a great mother at home – all in parallel. That’s why, we at COERA, offer part-time and a more flexible schedule to such colleagues. I hope the program will bring awareness to more and more companies.”

COERA, through the Association, will continue to be part of the community, wanting to develop new ideas for helping the educational processes to be easy for those in need and is thankful for having this opportunity.