What We Do

We provide our customers with IT solutions for the digital world bridging massive online presence and personal customer engagement.

  • Strategy Consultancy

    We identify competitive advantages that can boost our customers' on-line presence and, in our engaging dialog, we find creative ways to achieve it, resulting in strategic roadmaps, program plans, measureable milestones and benchmarks for success

    Architectural Design

    The strategy insights and the quality requirements are input for creative system designs, connecting ultimate user experience with straight through business processes and ensuring reliable system performance

  • Solution Engineering

    Using Cloud solutions, proven technology platforms and top expertise we deliver valuable results in short cycles, with a constant eye on quality as well as on the high level goals and stakeholders' satisfaction

    Process Optimization

    Based on real-time insight in online behavior and business results, we assist our customers in continuous improvement of their on-line solutions and corresponding processes.

  • Who We Are

    Small enough to be a specialist and big enough to have impact. Our business model is based on local business consultancy, combined with an excellent software engineering center, offering our customers quality practices, high speed of delivery and proven solutions. As Einstein said 'In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity' and we are dedicated to go beyond to reach that opportunity

  • Beyond Collaboration

    Beyond Concepts

  • Beyond Construction

    Beyond Connection